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Plugging Screw Holes from Hardwood Scraps

Although there are many carpentry joints you can use to avoid screws such as rabbet joints, or dovetail joints, occasionally time restraints, or skill level, will force you to use screws instead. In these cases, people will often use putty or store bought dowels to conceal the screws. This can lead to unattractive elements in your piece, or cause you to waste time trying to find the best way to blend the imperfections caused by the screws. There is another … click to read more

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How a Flush Trim Router Bit and an Old Template Saved My Aunt Some Money.

A few months ago, I got a phone call from my aunt. She told me that while visiting her sister’s house (my other aunt), she was amazed at what beautiful work I did with the set of three nesting tables I made for their 30th wedding anniversary. She loved them so much that she and my uncle wanted to commission me to build them an identical set. So like any normal person who gets a request from family, money is … click to read more

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