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Plugging Screw Holes from Hardwood Scraps

Although there are many carpentry joints you can use to avoid screws such as rabbet joints, or dovetail joints, occasionally time restraints, or skill level, will force you to use screws instead.

In these cases, people will often use putty or store bought dowels to conceal the screws. This can lead to unattractive elements in your piece, or cause you to waste time trying to find the best way to blend the imperfections caused by the screws.

There is another way.

Instead of trying to conceal the screw hole, why not make it a feature?

Plug cutters are really simple to use. Cut plugs are tapered, allowing for a tight fit when tapped into place.

How to Plug Your Screw Holes with Hardwood Scraps

1) First, choose a nice contrasting piece of hardwood from your scrap pile.
2) Second, make sure that the grain direction of the plug runs opposite the grain direction of the piece.
3) Use a countersink drill bit to make your screw hole.
4) Insert the screw.
5) Tap in your hardwood plug.

Not only will you have a beautiful contrast with the different woods, but also the smaller detail of grain direction will show your audience that you pay attention to details.

So if you need to use screws, don’t waste time trying to hide them. Create hardwood plugs from your wood scraps and work them into your piece.

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