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One of My Favorite Tools on Toolstoday.com

Now, I may be a bit biased towards Toolstoday.com, but let’s be clear that they do provide us all with a great service. Not only do they sell great products which are guaranteed and tested, but for someone without the full knowledge of exactly what they need, their customer service is very helpful.

As a customer, I was looking to replace and upgrade circular saw blades. I tend to like buying products which are the best quality that I can afford because I have learned many times over that you get what you pay for. In the end, when you buy cheap products you often end up spending more.

Although I would consider myself well versed in the world of woodworking, it has been some time since I was shopping for circular saw blades. I certainly knew I needed blades for ripping and cross cutting as well as a combination.

I went online to the website and searched for blades. I could not believe it. It must have been a while since I searched for blades because there now seemed to be a million different choices. My head was spinning. What was the difference between the brands, the steel vs. carbide, and the specialty blades, etc.?

To my surprise, I found a great tool on the Toolstoday website, and it was not a woodworking tool. It was a search tool called a Saw Blade Finder. I was able to select the category, or type of blade I was looking for, the diameter, the number of teeth, the brand and more. Instead of getting on the phone with customer service, I was able to get this help independently. I was able to choose from a much lower number of blades, which was something I was much more comfortable with. At the end of the day, I was able to call up only those blades which I would need and selected them based on just a few factors, price being number one.

Saw Blade Finder

So, when someone asks me about going shopping for blades, where to go and what to ask, I will definitely recommend the Saw Blade Finder. It saves time searching, eliminates the need to drive to the store, and the saw blades get delivered directly to your house. Although I am a big advocate for local brick and mortar businesses, I cannot pass up this great time saving tool.

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