How Does One Know What to Buy When Opening Up a Shop?

So the dream has come true. Since you have been 15, you always dreamed of opening your own woodworking shop in your home. Now, you can move the 2 cars out of the garage to set up a shop to create those beautiful pieces you have been planning in your head for years.

You have a good job which pays well and the kids are old enough that your spouse does not need you in the house helping as much. It’s time to take some time for yourself and set up a place where you can hibernate on Saturdays and Sundays.

Opening up a shop is not an easy task. If you are like most, you are have a limited budget and do not know exactly what you need. As you shop around the local or online hardware stores you will see that the salespeople may try to sell you everything under the sun. They hear you are buying tools for a shop, and the list of “requirements” grows larger and larger. But do you really need everything?

woodworking tools

A good rule of thumb before going shopping is to ask yourself what exactly you will use the shop for, and I do not mean for the answer to be woodworking, which is clear. What I am asking is what you are looking to create, what style, what types of wood.

To begin, plan-out your first three projects. Evaluate which tools you will need to make these three pieces. If you see that each one of these pieces requires something much different, perhaps you should change two of them to better fit the one and keep within the same style.

Planning your projects in advance will allow you to go to the store and buy exactly what you need and not end up purchases additional tools that just seemed like a good idea at the time. As you continue creating new pieces which require certain tools, you will have more opportunities to expand your tool collection.

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