Use Forstner Bits, Combinations Blades and Other Tools to Organize Your Shop

As a woodworker, we often amass large amounts of tools – both big and small. While I have seen some very well organized shops, I admit that I am not the most organized person. I try to keep my router bits, saw blades and hand tools in their set places, but there have been numerous times that I had to spend more time that I’d like to admit searching for specific router bits and other tools when I needed them.

For those of you out there would also appreciate some organizational tips for your woodworking shop, and those of you who are by nature organized and appreciate finding tips to help your workshop stay neat, I recently came across a great article which explains how to make tool holders. Not only can most of these tool holders be made using tools you already have, such as router bits, forstner bits and combination blades, but they are easy to make and can be created to fit any cabinet. Plus, there is no better way to get motivated to organize my workshop than a new project.

Brad Point Boring Bit

See the full Simple-to-Make Tool Holders for a Cabinet article, and learn how to make chisel holders, spokeshave holders, file and scraper holders and more.

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