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Building Backyard Furniture

As usual, summer has snuck up on me. I keep finding myself in the backyard, fiddling with two old bird feeders, looking out past the hedges to the where the river starts, or just sitting on the steps enjoying the warm breeze with the dog. Even my wife, who has not been overly pleased with the weeds and some of the sandier parts of the yard, has found herself outside. Unfortunately, our outdoor furniture, a good 10 years past its prime, has finally given way to complete despair. I was pulling of the arm rest of the wicker loveseat when my daughter asking when we’d be buying something new.

While not opposed to finding out what the nearest furniture store had in stock, I realized that this was a golden moment for a project—one which would give me an excuse to work outside as well as something more comfortable that the concrete stairs or the wicker. While I surveyed the tool situation in the garage, my wife and daughter searched for images of what they might like. I ultimately decided that this would give me a great reason the buy the 5-piece drill bit set I’d had had my eye on. The ladies requested Adirondack style and was able to I find an excellent how-to by Family Handyman.

adirondack love seat

To build the Adirodack furniture for your own backyard, here is Family Handyman’s “How to Make an Adirondack Chair and Love Seat.”


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