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How to Care for Your: Router Bits, Saw Blades & Shaper Cutters

There is nothing worse than to open your toolbox, expecting to find your router bit, saw blade, shaper cutter, or other cutting tool, and seeing that it is dull or even worse, coated with rust.

If you live in a high humidity area, this problem can be even worse. Right in the middle of a project, you can find yourself wasting hours just trying to replace a poorly stored or misused cutter.

Replacing them takes time, sometimes weeks, and cleaning them back to a usable state can take hours, if it is possible at all.

I have always found that keeping an organized tool box and work shop is the only way to keep, not only your mind squeaky clean, but your cutting tools as well.

With a little organization and some tricks for router bit, saw blade, and shaper cutter maintenance, you will be able to rely on your tools to get the job done – that you are counting on them to do.

Read this article for tips on Router Bits, Saw Blades & Shaper Cutters Maintenance.

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