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toolstodaySetting up my new shop, it’s become sadly apparent that I’m in desperate need of more storage.  And what better for storage than nice, hand-crafted cabinets to ‘show off.’  An intermediate woodworker, I’ve never made cabinets – at least nothing I’d want to show anybody!  So, it’s time to build some new high quality cabinets for the shop.

Unfortunately, there’s a million ways to make a cabinet and an even bigger tool selection – from cheap router bits to costlier, professional insert shaper cutters.  Being one of those people that hates buying things twice (or even 3 times) because he ‘went cheap’ the first time or just plain didn’t buy quality (I learned my lesson many years ago dabbling with Jeeps), I quickly decided against router bits and cheap shaper cutters.

Router bits are much smaller diameter than shaper cutters and don’t really lend themselves to ‘professional looking’ results.  Additionally, they require multiple passes through the router, taking off a little at a time – increasing the odds of making a mistake or something going wrong.  While these cabinets will be highly visible in the shop to any potential customers, *I* will have to look at them everyday.  Something I know is there, there customer may never see.  But why chance it for a measly couple-hundred dollars?

Shaper cutters, even carbide, don’t last forever, so they’re a disposable item. Enter insert shaper cutters, where the cutter head and the blades / knives are separate pieces.  Now, I only need to buy one or two expensive heads, and I can buy multiple profiles for it. Plus, when I wear the knives out, a new set is significantly less than a whole new cutter – even some of the cheap ones.

Luckily, during my search, I came across ToolsToday, which has everything I could ever want – from high quality inexpensive router bits (not to be confused with cheap, especially when comparing cost vs. quality) to professional shop-quality insert cutters – all available in more than enough profiles to satisfy even the most demanding customer – my WIFE.  And best of all, ToolsToday offers amazing pricing and free shipping.

By Matt Kievit

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