Marriage Made in an Austrian CNC Woodshop

Marriage they say is an act of union, and in this blog feature we interview Husband and Wife team David and Katharina von den Driesch, who not only have a marriage union, they have a working union, with their CNC sign making business, Design by KD.
Marriage Made in Austrian Woodshop ToolsToday

“I love to work with wood, as my father was a carpenter and I took much of my inspiration and passion from him.”

We asked the couple if they would like to work with us on producing a video, creating a Spektra™ sign with carbon fiber cutting CNC router bits which would provide useful insight into material challenges. David said ‘We were delighted when ToolsToday asked us to produce this video, as our business started purely as a hobby and we were proud that our contributions to the ToolsToday community were rated so highly. We really enjoy working together as we have different skills and bringing them together on projects works very well for us.”

cnc signmaking toolstoday

“I chose to make the sign from a carbon fiber and wood laminate, which causes challenges in tooling due to potential breakout from the carbon fiber, therefore, when working with such materials tool selection is key.”

cnc signmaking toolstoday

“I used a variety of Solid Carbide Compression Spiral, Engraving, Composite, V-Tip and Down Spiral Router Bits to produce this sign.”

cnc signmaking toolstoday spektra
Spektra CNC Router Bit Sign Making

“I have a bespoke CNC machine that I built myself, although I’m still developing it to add functionality.”

We asked David about his CNC machine and software, as it’s always interesting to hear about different preferences within the community. “Not all CNC machines give you everything you need, so it’s always good to build something that suits your own personal needs. With the software, I use Fusion 360 for the modeling and part programming, although it sometimes has some challenges when I’m modeling a lot of geometry. For the graphics part of my project, I use Inkscape and Gimp; Gimp for making the color pictures black/white and then Inkscape to vectorize them. Sometimes I only use Inkscape but this depends on the complexity of the Picture/Logo I have to make.”

As mentioned above, David had the challenge of cutting the carbon fiber, and it that situation tool selection is crucial: “In general I only use Tools from ToolsToday because of the Amana Tool quality grade. Most of the time I use the downcut bits to prevent chip out or delamination. For Carbon Fiber, I almost always use their special cutters for composite router bits. However, I use Spektra-coated CNC Router bits because of the really long lifetime. It’s just awesome how long those tools last”, he said.

“When you see an image in a picture, the challenge of visualizing this in different wood or composite materials is amazing and the picture to stencil designs allows our creative minds to get the job done and the satisfaction of the end result is amazing.”

We are always interested in the different creative thinking from our community and why they chose different types of work. For David and Katharina, it’s about the satisfaction of the end result.

cnc signmaking toolstoday

David and Katharina are based in the Tirol region of Austria and many of you who follow ToolsToday on Instagram will be familiar with the regular contributions David makes for the ToolsToday community.

Tirol has a fascinating history of woodworking, with with forestry and wood processing main contributors to the economy of the region.  The wood industry in Tirol consists mostly of small and medium-sized companies, with wood craft still playing a special role throughout the region. A large part of these craft businesses are still partially small-structured and family businesses, similar to Design by KD , run by David and Katharina.


If you ever have the chance to visit the Tirol region it is highly recommended that you visit The 1st Wood Museum of Tirol.  This outstanding museum in Wildschönau was born from the passion of dedicated wood carver and sculptor Hubert Salcher, who had the idea of establishing a timber museum in the house where he was born, a wonderful timber building in Auffach. More than 3,000 exhibits and artworks are on display, from musical instruments and nativity scenes to over-elaborate sculptures of furniture and tool displays.

The full video of David and Katharina making the Spektra sign will be available on the toolstoday Instagram soon, and we would like to thank them for their contribution. You can follow their latest work on design_by_kd Instagram.

To contact David and Katherina directly, you can email him them at

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