Evolution and The Importance of You

ToolsToday’s David Coventry discusses how individuals are shaping the future of the industry and how almost anyone can get involved with a CNC machine and a router bit.

If you follow Toolstoday on Instagram, you may have noticed we just reached over 40,000 followers, this being achieved in just over one-year, a remarkable feat. This lead me to consider what influence individuals are having on our industry and why.

This above image by @savant_pcs recently pushed ToolsToday over 40,000 followers on IG

We really do see some incredible images and videos, particularly with CNC machines and CNC router bits. There are, of course, many people with small businesses who have always used this platform to promote their services, and correctly too, however, we see a pattern emerging from within our community that is important for the industry.

So, who are those 40,000 followers? Well, it’s a dynamic mix of individuals and small business owners, who love to post content where the overwhelming feeling is one of passion for what they create. A few of our recent favorites:

toolstoday instagram projects wood cnc

toolstoday instagram projects sign hdpetoolstoday instagram projects

You may well ask, so why is this pattern important?

Well probably one of the main reasons is that it shows that our industry is alive and vibrant but at the same time different. Why different? Because the ability to communicate creativity via online platforms to thousands and thousands of people is driving a digital generation of creative artist not foreseen 10 years ago.

So, what was seen 10 years ago? Many in the woodworking industry feared a downturn as the next generation showed little interest in learning traditional skills from fathers and forefathers, partly due to the onslaught of digital temptations such as PlayStations, Xboxes and affordable phones, tablets and laptops. However, what can perhaps be argued now is that this digital influence has created a new generation of creative thinkers and makers that is transforming our industry with digital skills derived from those formative years.

 Incredible images for the digital thinkers 

carbon fiber sign amana tool
Traditional wood based materials no longer have a monopoly on the minds of the makers.

toolstoday instagram project guitartoolstoday instagram projects 1Different polymers, carbon fibers and metals have given the thinkers and makers new opportunities to create exceptional works of contemporary material art.

The other influencing factor is the availability and affordability of smaller CNC machines, which has allowed makers to move into this digital age. This has been supported by software providers who do an outstanding job in product availability and community support. And what about CNC tools? It was thought CNC tools were just for industry use and therefore out of the price reach of many makers. However, due to advances in tool making and coatings, it has allowed companies like Amana Tool to create new ranges of CNC tools that not only offer affordability but long life. The perfect example is the expansion of the solid carbide Spektra™ extreme tool life coated CNC router bits that utilizes a special unique carbide with nACo® nanocomposite coating for longer lifetime in today’s modern materials. Such tools have given makers incredible versatility to work with multiple material types, along with offering incredible value for money.

The other significant change in our industry over the past 10 years or so is the emergence of new materials.

So, in summary, what does it all add up to? It’s partly the dynamics of inspiration and passion of makers who use social media to inspire others to get involved. From what we have witnessed on our social media platforms, many people are using the opportunity to connect and network to build their dreams and aspirations within our industry. It’s simply evolution.

cnc andy glass toolstoday

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