The Feelings of the 1,000 Club

ToolsToday just hit another milestone of 1,000 customer reviews and in this feature, David Coventry from ToolsToday discusses the real importance of customer reviews and why it’s important.

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We just hit 1,000 verified reviews on the ToolsToday website and this led me to think why is it important and why should you care. I’m sure we have all had different experiences over the years when buying tools, or any other product or service, but at Toolstoday, we are always looking to understand how our community thinks and what we can learn and share from those people who take the time to review.

What really motivates people to write tool reviews?

Conventional thinking on product reviews could suggest that the following factors can play an important part in motivation for writing reviews.

  • Helpfulness — Reviewers often are people who find online reviews useful and want to do their part to share their experiences and knowledge.
  • Gratitude – Some people live by gratitude and are always grateful for other reviews and like to give back.
  • Content — Reviewers often have their own blogs or publications, and their reviews are for their readers.
  • Sharing is Caring – Selfless concern of users for the well-being of other users. A kind of community spirit of looking out for each other.

We would not argue any of the above is not true, however, perhaps there is one more important factor, which we can see when looking at other reviews.

Let’s take this example!

reviews toolstoday

The reviewer clearly expresses his delight of the added value that he experiences, this being the addition of the valuable tool information and the ability to import data into CNC software. So, is the motivation to post a review just to share his experience? Is it perhaps gratitude? Is he grateful that he was able to save time by not having to use two or three websites to get everything he required?

So, let’s consider other tool reviews and try to connect the motivation.

cnc blog review 2

This review actually took on a different dimension for us at ToolsToday, as it didn’t just highlight the type of project that the reviewer was commenting on and the performance of the Spektra™ tools. He used the review to send us a message about expanding the range of tools. Do you think we listen to such feedback? We absolutely do and act upon it.

This review below starts to give the impression of this different factor suggested above. You can almost feel the excitement of what the Spektra tool did for Craig and why he felt the need to share it.

As for Edward below, he was so happy with the Prestige sawblade that he felt compelled to make a short video. That made us really think about the motivation to take it to another level and what Edward felt.

saw blade review toolstoday

This review from David really starts to connect the motivation for writing reviews on ToolsToday website, as it gives a clear view as to how he felt about his experience.

So, you might ask “What about reviews that are not so good?” The below example is where we do everything to make the customer experience so positive, he felt the need to write about it.

bizrate toolstoday review

You may ask “Have you read all 1000 reviews?.” Well we certainly have because we need to listen and always improve. However, we do see one big factor in why many people are motivated to take their valuable time to write reviews and we believe it’s how we make them feel. Of course, it’s some of the other factors mentioned earlier but arguably it all comes down to the good feeling that people get with the ToolsToday experience.

So, we thank the 1000 people who wrote reviews and we won’t ever lose this passion of making people feel good when buying their cutting tools.

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