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Router Bits Woodworking Contest Winner

The Router Bit Contest Winner is Brett J.

Congratulations Brett!
Your reproduction of a late 1800′s hand carved, fireplace mantle is the winner.

Reproduction of late 1800's hand carved, fireplace mantle

Brett’s Woodwork Description

This is a reproduction of late 1800′s hand carved, fireplace mantle. The overall dimensions measure 11′ 5 1/4″ tall x 9′ 1 1/2″ wide. The original was built in England out of oak. Our reproduction was built out of solid Honduran mahogany, harvested from trees knocked down in Hurricane Felix of 2007.

Besides the overall design and carving, which was all done by hand, one of the biggest challenges in this piece was designing how various elements would fit together and allow for wood movement, as many of the pieces have opposing wood grain. Floating dovetails were often used to accomplish this and many of the pieces float within grooves – similar to solid wood cabinet door construction.

We got very good at cutting coves on a table saw to match moldings from the original. The mantle was built in Nicaragua and took over nine months from start to finish. It was installed in a private residence in St. Louis, Missouri in April of this year. It came apart into nine separate pieces and shipped in seven crates.

Saw Blades and Router Bits Used

Amana 49563 Carbide Tipped Lonnie Bird Table Edge Thumbnail Router Bit

Amana 612720 Carbide Tipped Cut-Off and Crosscut 12 Inch Dia x 72T ATB Circular Saw Blade

Amana 714280 Carbide Tipped Heavy Duty Ripping 14 Inch Dia x 28T FT, Circular Saw Blade

Amana 55430 Carbide Tipped 2-Piece Ogee Stile and Rail Router Bit Set

Amana 54220 Carbide Tipped Classical Architectural Molding Router Bit

Spiral upcut router bits

Dovetail router bits

Roman Ogee Router bits

Cove router bits of various sizes



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