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Evolution and The Importance of You

evolution of cnc router

ToolsToday’s David Coventry discusses how individuals are shaping the future of the industry and how almost anyone can get involved with a CNC machine and a router bit. If you follow Toolstoday on Instagram, you may have noticed we just reached over 40,000 followers, this being achieved in just over one-year, a remarkable feat. This lead me to consider what influence individuals are having on our industry and why. This above image by @savant_pcs recently pushed ToolsToday over 40,000 followers on … click to read more

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Table Saw and Router / Shaper Table Machine Setup Made Simple

tt blog top

Over the years, I’ve tried many different ways to set up a machine correctly. The available tools to do so and techniques that accompany them are quite dizzying. I break it down into two levels; machine calibration and machine setup. Calibration is usually an hour+ process involving calipers, machinist squares, and a bit of harsh language. Thankfully I only put myself through that once every few months. Machine setup on the other hand is something we do pretty much every … click to read more

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Preparation and Planning

woodworking wood gate

This past couple of weeks I worked on a porch gates and fence renovation for a friend.  He has goats that can get on his porch which wraps around the entire house.  The porch does have posts and rails but the stiles between the posts are far enough apart that the goats still go through the space between.  There are also openings that did not have any gates. The solutions: put up some more stiles and build some gates.  My … click to read more

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