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Opendesk’s Tools of the Trade

Furniture platform Opendesk runs through seven essential router bits that are used to manufacture their furniture around the world.

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Router Table vs Shaper

One of the big frustrations with folks who initially get into woodworking is, “what machines do I start with?” Slider vs traditional table saw? Combo machines vs. standalone? Router table vs shaper? With such large purchases, the stakes of getting the correct machine that fits their needs are high. The debate between shaper vs. router table is a common one (and one that will rage on long after this is written). But it certainly helps to make a better decision …

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Finishing Kitchen Cabinets

Framing an Add-On Room, Finishing Kitchen Cabinets

Framing Carpentry For well over a couple of weeks (and usually only for half a day as I do not last long in the Texas heat) I have been doing an add-on room.  I love framing carpentry, as it really does go from the ground up.  It also does not take long to show a great deal of progress. The homeowner expressed his amazement at how fast the walls were up (I surprised myself too!).  One reason was because the …

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woodworking wood gate

Preparation and Planning

This past couple of weeks I worked on a porch gates and fence renovation for a friend.  He has goats that can get on his porch which wraps around the entire house.  The porch does have posts and rails but the stiles between the posts are far enough apart that the goats still go through the space between.  There are also openings that did not have any gates. The solutions: put up some more stiles and build some gates.  My …

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A Most Ancient of Modern Crafts

I read about a team from China finding what may be Noah’s Ark, which is another way of saying, “box”.  Probably it was a large rectangular box, very much like a two by four with a hollow center!  That is a very large two by four. Initial carbon dating puts the wood found at the site around 4800 years ago.  For a point of discussion, let’s accept that this discovery is a fact. This means woodworking has been around for …

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New Tool, New Projects

New tools and projects go hand in hand. A new project unleashes a dream into the world. It is what a honeymoon is to the wedding ceremony, what putting up a tent is to a camping trip; it is cutting wood after drawing a plan.This month saw the start of a new stairway for the loft in our house. After reviewing many space saving stairway plans on the internet (a.k.a. Pinterest) I decided on purchasing a stair kit (Arke Karina). The stairs are in place and I am adding handrails now.

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table top

Tools of the Trade

The right tool for the job never fails. It just needs the right hands.The right tool for the job never fails. It just needs the right hands.The right tool in the hand of a skilled, practiced woodworker turns a beautiful act of nature into a wondrous work of art and function. So let me be the first to say I appreciate the skilled and industrious people who make the best tools for those of us who are learning the craft of wood.

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Hitting the Nail on the Head!

It’s a little embarrassing, but back when I was a young pup at the carpentry, I was once told to nail the back panel of a kitchen cupboard in place. The nail was 3mm long and the wood was 10mm thick, yet I still managed to nail the 3mm nail clean through the wood. I not only put a hole right in the middle of the back panel, but I destroyed the smooth paintwork! We had to fix, strip and …

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Cleaning and Keeping Bits Rust Free…

Considering I’m a new blogger here, I thought I’d start off with a helpful hint from way back when I was a young apprentice in my first, neighborhood carpentry.  One of the first jobs I was assigned was to clean up and organize the storage shed and, thinking back, I now imagine the carpenter that gave me that job was having a bit of a chuckle!  Years of neglect, saw dust and grime waxed so thick I could barely pick …

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Building Backyard Furniture

As usual, summer has snuck up on me. I keep finding myself in the backyard, fiddling with two old bird feeders, looking out past the hedges to the where the river starts, or just sitting on the steps enjoying the warm breeze with the dog. Even my wife, who has not been overly pleased with the weeds and some of the sandier parts of the yard, has found herself outside. Unfortunately, our outdoor furniture, a good 10 years past its …

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